• About Conflux

    Conflux is a UX agency operating in Milan and Rome. We follow the analysis, design, development, and marketing phases; yet, we specialise in user experience research and design. We help our clients in developing and perfecting effective and innovative platforms and services.


    We provide strategic and operational support with the user’s point of view at the core. We support business decision processes that have an impact on development phases: from concept to launch, to monitoring the performance of digital products or services.

  • Vision

    We are driven by data, objectives, and users. We believe in a human-centred design leading to continued improvement of user experience and the digital touchpoints we interact with.

    We are result-oriented and rely on the constant evaluation of such results with a view to constant improvement.

    We believe effective and clear communication makes research and design processes efficient.


    Our customers believe that the user experience is one of the unavoidable factors in the success of digital solutions. Among our customers are entrepreneurs, managers, and innovators who search for opportunities to improve their business’ performance through e-commerce websites, and platforms for lead acquisition, radically innovative apps, and enterprise software.

    We work on both B2C and B2B markets.


  • Partner

    Thanks to our strategic partnerships, we can provide our clients with the best support along the entire research, design, and development chain




    Digilab Sapienza







  • Expertise & Certifications​

    We use a wide range of tools to select those that best suit the needs of the client and of the project. In some fields, we have specialised and certified know-how.

    Certificazione Optimizely


    A/B Testing, Customisation, Optimisation, Conversion rate

    Thanks to our double certification as User and Developer, and expertise in the field, our team can develop customisation and optimisation strategies for landing pages and conversion flows, or implement A/B testing, to find the best empirical solutions for user experience on your website or app.

    Certificazione Google Analytics

    Google Analytics

    Digital Analytics, Funnel analysis

    Among the indispensable solutions to measure web traffic and performance is an underestimated tool whose potential is often neglected: that’s Google Analytics. We help businesses to fine-tune it and track conversions and funnels correctly, develop a KPI strategy and understand how to use data to map user behaviour, interpret trends, and take data-driven decisions.

    certificazione Hubspot


    Visual Analytics, User session recording, Form analysis

    We are founding members of Hotjar, the most comprehensive user behaviour remote analysis tool applied to websites or apps. Thanks to our long-rooted experience in scrollmap and heatmap analysis we can identify usage patterns and usability issues: indications for re-design derive from data about real user behaviour.

    certificazione Hubspot


    Inbound marketing, Lead generation, Marketing automation

    We support our clients in developing inbound marketing through an integrated solution offered by Hubspot. We support businesses to take best advantage of their characteristics and drive the processes for campaign creation, lead generation and marketing automation.

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    We have branch offices in Rome and Milan, and an excellent feedback portfolio.

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