• From concept to perfect design.

    We give experience a shape

    through research, strategy, and interface and interaction design

    Conflux is a design studio specialised in customer experience​

  • We listen to your users,

    obtain insights from your data

    innovate through design

    and make your business thrive

    User experience and design for your digital products.​

  • Our work is driven by users, data and objectives.

    We believe in the value of people-centric design and continued improvement

    We make needs and wants of businesses and CUSTOMERS meet in the UX.

  • Customers

    Passion, experience and creativity at the service of companies and their digital projects

  • The value of UX for your business.

    Add value to your products with Conflux UX Research, the data-driven analysis serving design and your business objectives

  • For any of your projects, contact Conflux NOW!​

    We have branch offices in Rome and Milan, and an excellent feedback portfolio

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